How to launch an NFT collection

  1. Prepare the artwork
  2. Generate it at
  3. Launch it at

Here is a video tutorial (~24 mins):

1. Prepare the artwork

A traditional NFT has two parts: art and metadata.

Art is art, metadata are details of the NFT:

  • Name
  • Description
  • Properties (Background, Shirt, Pants, etc)

Let’s say we’re creating a collection of 200 NFTs called Rocket Apes.

How should we name the first NFT?

  • Rocket Apes #1
  • Rocket Apes 1
  • Rocket Ape #1
  • Rocket Ape 1

Here we would name it Rocket Ape #1 because it’s a single NFT, and we like the #1 at the end. The collection would be named Rocket Apes (plural), while each individual NFT would be named Rocket Ape #1, Rocket Ape #2, Rocket Ape #3, etc. (singular).

For the collection description, we would do something simple, like: 200 Rocket Apes on the XRP Ledger!

For the properties we would go over all the folders and file names, and make sure they all look good:

  • background -> Background
  • banana_Hat -> Banana hat
  • shirtType4 -> Hawaiian

This type of detail work is what often sets apart high quality collections vs. low quality ones, so be sure to take your time.

2. Generate it

  • Go to
  • Add the layers and review everything
  • If everything looks good, generate and download the collection

3. Launch it

Additional tools

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