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Here are all the self-custody wallets we support:

Social and Email

For social and email logins, we use the seamless solutions provided by Kaiju Wallet. Kaiju Wallet automatically creates a wallet for you, and is ideal for those looking for maximum convenience. Learn more here.

Reserve requirements

Before adding XRP to your wallet, let’s talk about reserves.

To protect the ledger from spam, the ledger automatically locks small portions of your balance when you perform certain actions:

  • 10 XRP - for activating your wallet for the first time
  • 2 XRP - for every active offer to buy, sell or transfer
  • 2 XRP - for every 32 NFTs you hold

If you’re new, we recommend having at least 15 XRP.

Adding XRP to your wallet

Fiat to XRP:

Crypto to XRP:

When withdrawing from exchanges, you might get asked for a destination tag. If you’re using a self-custody wallet or Kaiju Wallet, no destination tag is needed. Destination tags are mainly used when you’re depositing into places like exchanges, where the tag identifies your account within the exchange’s wallet. To be safe, you can always send a small test transaction first.

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