cubby is a companion app for making bulk transactions on the marketplace.

Open source

You can find the repo here


Your passphrase is stored locally and encrypted. Because your passphrase never leaves your device we believe this is the safest way to enable bulk actions on the XRPL.

cubby is growing

We will be adding new bulk features like transfer and sell. If you have suggestions, questions or need help please reach out to us on Discord. We would love to hear how we can make cubby better.

Using cubby

  1. Download the cubby app on Android, (iOS coming soon).
  2. We recommend making a new wallet in XUMM to connect to cubby.
  3. Open the cubby app and enter the family seed or secret numbers from your new wallet.
  4. Click the sweep button and use the slider to make your selections.
  5. Open the cubby app to confirm your transaction.